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window-shade. Down Jefferson, southward, there was a single
shot, and Mr. Munn turned toward it. Two block? away a
body of horsemen were wheeling off Jefferson into a cross-
street Then, as they wheeled, they fired a vollev into the air.
Mr. Sills, Mr, Munn thought, and his men. Mr. Sills, he
thought. He tried to imagine Mr. Sills, his small, thin, grey
face set and expressionless beneath the white cloth, riding
along the dark streets, prefacing his dry-voiced orders to his
men with a cough, lifting a revolver as he rode, and tiring,
suddenly, into the darkness. It was absurd. But Mr. Sills
was down there, with a hundred men, and they would go back
down the next street, to the edge of town, and wheel and fire
a volley, and again come back up Jefferson, and fire, And the
people would stay indoors, lying in their beds, propped upon
one elbow with their ears straining and their hearts knocking,
and their wives would clutch them by the arm until the nails
cut the flesh, or the bolder men would peer secretively out of
darkened windows at the horsemen, Mr. Sills and his men, as
they rode past. They were all afraid of Mr. Sills, tonight.

" Look/* one of the men said, and Mr. Munn followed his
pointing finger. "Look, there's a fellow coming out the

A man came unsteadily from the hotel doorway, and stood
for a moment motionless on the pavement.

" I believe-----" one of the men began. Then another cried:

" Watch out! he's got a gun." But before the words were out
of his mouth, the man had fired

" The bastard," the first man uttered, and fumbled for his
own revolver.

The man on the pavement fired again, but the report of his
shot almost merged with the boom of the heavy-calibre
revolver of the horseman. The big pane of glass in the main
hotel window collapsed with a shattering sound just behind
the man on the pavement. The man OB the pavement
wavered, and fell forward.

"By God," somebody said, "you got him!"

" Hie fool!" Mr. Munn exclaimed, " the poor